Pre-Purchase Home Inspection - For Home Buyers

The inspection for home buyers, it is a comprehensive, objective, visual assessment of the physical structure and systems of the home at the time of the inspection. The primary purpose will be to determine if the issues discovered are of major or minor concern, or if conditions exist that will affect the occupant’s personal safety. When problems, deficiencies, or symptoms are identified, we will provide recommendations and clarity as to the appropriate specialists or tradesperson for further evaluation, repair, or replacement. The goal of the home inspection is to identify potential significant expenses, or items that should be considered, to ensure you are making a sound purchase decision.

Pre-Listing Inspection - For Home Sellers

Knowing the condition of your home before you have a buyer is an advantage in a competitive selling market. The buyer will more than likely have their own home inspection, so any unpleasant surprises may move them on to the next house and you will start the process all over again. Based on your pre-listing inspection report you can repair, disclose, or adjust your listing price as necessary before your potential buyer has an inspection.

New Construction Phase Inspections -

New construction phase inspections are performed at various stages during your new home’s construction process to verify the integrity of workmanship, and to address defects that should be corrected prior to becoming inaccessible after construction. Envoy Inspections LLC provides inspections at three critical stages of construction: foundation (just prior to concrete placement), pre-drywall (after the frame, all mechanical systems have been roughed in, prior to insulation), and at home completion to ensure all systems are working properly prior to closing. An independent home inspector who is acting on the buyer's behalf evaluates the structural and electrical systems and operates the mechanical and plumbing systems in your new home. With over 25 years of daily, on-site interaction with new home construction, we fully understand the processes  (and pitfalls) that take place and can identify potential problems that may otherwise be overlooked, and subsequently covered up. 

The earlier in the process of construction of your new home that you utilize phase inspections the better. Envoy Inspections can provide all three typical phase inspections during the course of construction, and in essence, act as your advocate and building consultant. Utilize our 30 years of daily, onsite construction experience to provide yourself with peace of mind during this oftentimes stressful process.

Builder One-Year Warranty Inspection -

Maximize your new home’s one-year builder warranty coverage with an 11-month warranty inspection. This inspection is conducted during the month prior to your warranty expiration date. It enables you to report any installation, latent, or performance related deficiencies to your builder, so repairs or corrections can be made while the warranty is still in effect. We are very familiar with those particular items that have a tendency to reveal themselves within the first year, as the new home goes through the process of settling in, and drying out, and finally reaching their equilibrium.