What Our Clients Have To Say.....

 David has an amazing sense of attention to detail, he was always finding things to fix that we never saw or recommended things that we would have never thought about. He was readily available and quickly responded to questions or concerns and personally oversees every aspect of the homebuilding process and seems to have a personal pride in his homes.

We would most definitely use David again or wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to our friends.

Jay and Terry H. - Fairfield

David Perry is a master custom home builder. It is impossible to overstate how well David handled every aspect of building our dream home. He was personally involved in all stages from working with our architect through promptly responding to our comments after we were settled in our own very special new home.

It is no exaggeration to say that David had the knowledge, experience, personal integrity, attention to detail, responsiveness, practicality and cost conciousness to make the building of our custom home an excellent, rewarding experience. It was very comforting to see that David managed, directed and completed the entire project with an unrelenting pursuit of getting the job done in absolutely the right way.

Pat and Lou P. - Bentwater 

It is easy to tell that David takes exceptional pride in his work. This was evident the day I noticed the difference between the framework on our house compared to the framework by another builder. I was amazed at the difference in the structural integrity of our house compared to the others. At every step in the building process you will find that David has this kind of attention to detail and oversees all the work on a daily basis to make sure that it meets his standards.

David’s priority is customer service at all stages of the building process and even after the completion of our home he has been available for questions or sometimes he just drops by for a friendly hello while he is passing through the neighborhood.

Becky B. - Fairfield