Inspected Once, Inspected Right! ®

We understand; the home-buying experience is often taxing on both the mind and wallet. At Envoy Inspections, we play an integral role in helping families during the home-buying process by delivering a comprehensive inspection report of your home. With more than 25+ years of experience in different facets of the Houston homebuilding industry, we are uniquely positioned to understand and evaluate your home’s overall condition. We aim to reduce any additional stress or worries by facilitating the “next steps” of your inspection with professional guidance and clarity. We, personally, don’t like unforeseen (or those ubiquitous "fine print") costs, which is why we pride ourselves on offering value and transparency through our customer-centric company culture.


Explore our services to learn about our approach. Please contact us directly if you would like additional information that is not found on our website, or if you would like to discuss your next home inspection. The Envoy team is ready to join your team.